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Subject: Free 4 workshop course: The Laws Of Life – The Magic Presence I Am And The Use Of The Sacred Fire - May 20, June 3, 10 & 17 2012 - Noordhoek


Free - Course Every Sunday For Four Weeks

The Laws Of Life:

The Magic Presence “I Am” And The Use Of The Sacred Fire

Sunday, May 20, June 03, 10 & 17 2012

09h00 -15h30

Noordhoek, Cape Town

Course held on four Sundays

Only from the pure original teachings of the Ascended Masters

The ‘LAWS OF LIFE’ are unavoidable, impersonal, inexorable and mathematically accurate. We are dealing with energy, for every result there is a cause. An undesirable thing happens because the cause has been set up (cause and effect) and the Law was not applied to correct it before it happened.

We cannot learn the ‘Laws of Life’ or the process of Ascension from un-ascended mankind, as they themselves are still seeking, and have not achieved the Ascension. This knowledge was only for the earnest seekers of Truth, hidden for millennia’s in Mystery Schools, ancient Temples, Occult & Metaphysical Literature, but now due to the urgency of the hour, the Cosmic ‘In-breath’, and the issuing of a Cosmic Fiat (decree), all may have this knowledge – the TRUTH AND UNDERSTANDING OF “THE LAWS OF LIFE”, has been given to us by the Ascended Masters. The old Occult Laws have been set aside, and these teachings WILL set us free if learned and applied! There is not one Ascended Being who has not used this same knowledge and applied it to free themselves from the wheel of birth and re-birth.

In order to do this we need to KNOW AND APPLY THE “LAWS OF LIFE”.  These Laws apply to all Life everywhere, on all planets. Un-ascended mankind breaks these Laws every day, and we wonder why our lives are full of stress, poverty, disease, aging, selfishness, greed, anger and all the other un-Godly things that surround us. SET YOURSELF FREE! Vicarious atonement (at-one-ment) is a myth. We have created our lives over eons of embodiments, we have free-will, and only through conscious self-control and correction, and the correct use of the Sacred Fire (Intelligent Light Substance) can we right the wrongs and make the Ascension into the realms of Perfection.

The ascension is the purpose or goal of all embodiments. The goal is not to only free oneself from all discordant human creation one has drawn about himself, over centuries of lifetimes, but to make the ascension.

"Man has been trying to get by on excuses and alibis, but the Law does not consider these. People use them to stay in ignorance, yet man is supposed to be co-creator with God. How can he be if he stays ignorant" AD K Luk

All information from Saint Germain Press  - “I Am Discourses” (Godfre Ray King – 1930’s) and “The Bridge to Freedom” (Geraldine Innocente 1950’s) and ADK Luk publications (notes from the Discourses).


20th May - Introduction into the knowledge of the “I AM” Presence, and our 7 bodies. The use of the Sacred Purifying Fire; the Violet Fire, and the essential use of the Protective Tube of Light.

A fascinating brief History, Origin, and Destiny of Man.


3rd June - The cycle we have entered into. The purpose of existence and the means of working with the ELEMENTAL & ANGELIC Kingdoms to bring in the new and permanent GOLDEN AGE of Saint Germain

The essential use of Decrees and their Power. Service and the Law.


10th June - Healing and Supply our Divine birthright, we were never meant to be poor or sick! Expanding on the powerful knowledge of and use of the Seven Rays and our Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence


17th June - Understanding further ‘LIGHT’ and the use of the Sacred Fire and Virtues of the Seven Rays, going into more detail on the essential purification process. Extremely powerful tools for Protection and Illumination

Further study, purchase of books and daily application will be necessary to get results – like anything in life, the effort put in will determine the rewards.

Manuals and will be emailed for each module for printing. Course outline will be emailed for each module.

For further details:


sms / call: 083 227 0269


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