This mailing list is powered by ctnlist, a web application developed by Richard Catto 084 010 5359.

ctnlist is available to power your mailing list upon request.


  • Fully automatic bounce handling system
  • Automatic Priority System (APS) - sends to your regular readers first
  • Dynamic count of your regular readers
  • Automatic message archive creation
  • Subscribers can self manage their subscriptions
  • Login system via accepts third party account logins such as Facebook, Google etc.
  • Message is sent only once to a subscriber
  • Tracks when messages are read
  • Simple template system
  • Templates for both html and text parts of a message
  • Edit templates and messages using CKeditor, a popular WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Very fast sending using the Swiftmailer 4.x library
  • Stable and reliable - been in daily use since February 2009
  • Small database footprint

CTNLIST mailing list software

Open Source on github

Our mailing list system (ctnlist) is developed and maintained in house by Richard Catto. This software will be available as Open Source Software soon.

Download from github
PHP 7.x

Fat Free Framework

Ctnlist is coded in PHP using the Fat Free Framework, a PHP micro framework.

Check out the Fat Free Framework
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