Social Media online marketing cheat sheet

As part of my job, I come across a lot of half baked online marketing initiatives.

Online marketing is not rocket science, but you just need to know what to do. Here is a quick cheat sheet off the top of my head.

1. Firstly, whatever you publish online MUST be published at some url (i.e. on a web page)

2. For best results publish ONE thing on ONE web page, rather than combine multiple things onto one page

3. Email what you have published to your mailing list (you do have a mailing list, don’t you?) with a link back to the web page where it was first published

4. Create a link to your page in and use to tweet a short announcement about your web page ( tracks clicks)

5. Link your twitter account to your Facebook wall (you do have a Facebook account, don’t you?)

6. Link your twitter account to your Google Buzz account (you do have gmail, don’t you?)

7. On your web page, if you want people to take some action, such as fill in an order form, use Google Analytics to track your goal, of submitting the form (you do use Google Analytics, don’t you?)

8. Then monitor how many clicks your campaign got, and with Google analytics, discover what your conversion rate is. If your campaign is not resulting in conversions, see if you can find out why.

9. Keep everything you publish as concise as possible – people don’t have a lot of time to waste reading your flowery prose.

If you’re doing all above, you’re on track, if not, get with the program already. If you need help implementing this stuff, call in a consultant to make it happen for you, and train your staff in the new ways.

Go and FLOCK yourselves!

Flock is groovy. If you don’t know what it is yet, it’s a web browser which integrates with social networking sites.

Under the hood, Flock is just a version of FireFox. You can install FireFox extensions on it, including the FireFox StumbleUpon extension.

The default theme for Flock is super cool grey, with light blue and orange icons. It totally enhances your browsing experience. I think Flock is set to become my web browser of choice now.

Best of all, when you access the linked social networking sites such as flickr and facebook, it does some really groovy things. I clicked on a friend’s facebook profile and Flock alerted me to the fact that a media stream was available. I didn’t know what that meant, but Flock is so user friendly it displays short helpful explanations in a collapsible yellow area at the top of the page.

I followed directions and down came a neat black bar at the top filled with all my friends pics from her photo albums. I could select to see each album individually or just see all the pics in one stream. Clicking on a pic, displayed it in the familiar facebook gallery page.

Flock presents the user with a number of useful options to use the image elsewhere, such as in your blog. You can blog anything you see in Flock, with its built in blog function. Once you’re set up your login info, you’re set to send anything you like directly to your blog.

There’s more! I haven’t told you about the My World page, or the People page, the RSS feeds, the clipboard sidebar that you can drag and drop any content you like into, or the Account sidebar that logs you into all your popular services. Like the old Peter Stuyvesant cigarette adverts used to say, “There’s so much more for you to enjoy!”

If you’re a FireFox user, Flock will seem like a natural fit to you. Call it an upgrade if you like. If you’re an Internet Explorer user, you should try Flock – it will blow you away. :)

Don’t just stand there, go and FLOCK YOURSELF!