Firefox add-on Search Cloudlet for Google and Yahoo

This is a truly innovative add-on for the Firefox web browser, that is causing me to rethink my use of Google Chrome as my browser of choice.

Currently Google Chrome does not support add-ons, but apparently will in the future.

With the Search Cloudlet add-on, when you search with either Google or Yahoo, you will get a tag cloud generated which summarises your search results into a tag cloud. The tag cloud comprises all the keywords relevant to your search term. Clicking a tag, adds it to your search terms and refreshes the search with results which zero in on what you want.

You can also see which sites are represented in the search results.

This add-on was written by a research organisation - The International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute (INTSPEI).

Losing Firefox 3 web browser cookies?


Whenever you close your Firefox 3 web browser, it manages to lose all your cookies so that the next time you start it up, you have to re-login to all your favourite sites.

This might occur after a forced restart of your Windows Operating System.


A corrupted cookies.sqlite file


Delete the cookies.sqlite file. Close Firefox before attempting to do this.

On Windows, this file may be found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[ProfileID]

The next time you open Firefox 3 web browser, your cookies.sqlite file will be re-created and your login cookies will be correctly stored. You can now close your browser and the next time you open it, you will remain logged in to all your favourite sites.