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Date created: 2011-10-10 06:35:32

Subject: Is your Business Owed Money?


Is Your Business Owed Money?

Take Action Now to recover your outstanding debts!

Running a business in any environment is really risky. It's even more precarious when clients do not pay their outstanding invoices. The unfortunate reality is that in the current economic climate many businesses simply ignore outstanding debts and pleas for payment.

The other reality is that people will always pay the person who is shouting the loudest. With us by your side, we will ensure you have the loudest voice - and get paid first!

Why you should use us for your Debt Recovery:
  • Tough, yet legal, approach to collecting your debts
  • We have a no nonsense attitude from your defaulting clients
  • Exceptional Legal Team by your side
  • Friendly and efficient service
  • Minimise the stress in your life - we do the worrying for you
  • We recover all corporate and business debt from R10 000 per client
Take your first steps right now to recover what rightfully belongs to you.



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