Agang SA, a New Hope for South Africa

Agang SA, in my opinion and to use a Star Wars metaphor is A New Hope for South Africa.

Finally, after 19 years of ANC led democracy that started off with so much promise in 1994 with President Nelson Mandela, but floundered under Thabo Mbeki and crashed under Jacob Zuma, finally, we have a new hope in Dr Ramphela Mamphele, a woman who enjoys enormous respect from a broad swathe of South Africans, a woman who I believe will become a legendary statesperson like Nelson Mandela and Jan Smuts were. In Dr Mamphele we truly have A New Hope and finally a reason to vote again.

Next year, in 2014, exactly 20 years after the historic elections of 1994, I believe, I hope, I pray that our Nation votes for A New Hope and leaves behind the ANC, which has become The Evil Empire.

I invite each and every South African to join us, because together we will rule South Africa, and it will be a just rule, a fair rule and a rule under which much progress is made.

We deserve this, we can have this, we just have to CHOOSE this. Choose HOPE, choose LIFE, Choose Dr Ramphele and vote Agang SA.

This is what Agang SA has to say about the EFF whose members recently defected to join us:

AgangSA rejects with contempt claims by the EFF that it lured the almost 300 of members to defect to it with money. This proves the poverty of thought and ideas in the EFF that our new members have walked away from to join AgangSA, were critical debate is valued.

The wild, unsubstantiated claims reflect the unfortunate tendency in our country to substitute insults for debate; and to drag down political discourse to levels at which the likes of the EFF are comfortable participating – including character assassinations and insults.

For the record, the new members, including 15 senior members in Gauteng, left the EFF because of its unrealistic policies they felt would take the country nowhere. They declared publicly that they were attracted to AgangSA by the party’s commitment to internal democracy as well as its vision of restoring the promise of freedom – including a vibrant economy that created decent jobs, better healthcare and education systems, safe neighbourhoods as well as a clean, competent government.

Young people across the country respect our party leader, Dr Mamphela Ramphele’s integrity and life-long fight for freedom. People from all walks of life see that AgangSA is the only truly non-racial home for all South Africans.

Issued by Thabo Leshilo
Communications Director


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    Where were u all these yrs and wat change r u bringing now? Wil u make our mines be under grvnmnt? 2. Wil u stop these thing of transportng our Gold 2ada countries, 3 wat r da things u hv done 4us b4 dat can can make us 2trust u, ? Remember u r not Mr Biko so plz dnt try 2be like him. Thanx