Southern African Anglican Church adopts friendlier disposition towards Gay couples

I was pleased tonight to read this article -  IOL – Church makes key decision on gay couples – the link and excerpt of which were sent to me by my Google Alert on the keyword “Cape Town”.

I have been a member of the Anglican Church since I was a child and recently (since 2007) began re-attending the Anglican Church of my youth. As a gay friendly person and a Christian, I am very pleased to see that the Anglican Church met in Synod this past weekend and decided to adopt a resolution to accept and care for all gay couples in committed relationships in their parishes. Clergy of  St George Street Cathedral parish proposed the resolution saying that their parish has come to be seen by gay couples as a “safe place” for them.

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba sees the resolution as an important first step towards the Southern Anglican Church ministering to its gay members.


  1. Marko says

    Hooray, now if only we could eradicate every single religion, cult, hocus-pocus church, club, whatever…

  2. says

    I would not want to eradicate my church from my life. They do a lot of good. It’s not just a bunch of people praying and singing on Sunday and then being arseholes the rest of the week.

    I think white Christians are exceedingly good at being hypocritical arseholes. However, my church is comprised mostly of Coloured and Black Christians.

    So yeah, I’m still opposed to white people. I still think that they mostly suck at life.

    These days I prefer to be in the company of Asians, Coloureds and Black people.

  3. Marko says

    So you drag us back to the race thing… please, there are plenty of hypocritical christian assholes in the world from all races and creeds. Our state president is one of the biggest.

    You don’t need to go to church to be a good human being, there are plenty of non-religious and volunteer organisations that one can join, and do a shitload more good than any church I know of.

    Your aversion to your own race is your own problem, it just strikes me as ironical that you attend a church which by it’s very name originates from a country of white people that you so despise.

  4. says

    Jacob Zuma is doing a good job as I predicted he would all along.

    It was only the racist whites who could not accept him, and they are irrelevant in South Africa today.

    There is no substitute for Church. Volunteer orgs don’t come close. Faith in God unites a church closer than any cause does.

    My problem with white South Africans comes solely from my experience of them. I have lived with many different people since 2002 and I have found white people to be the pits.

    Back in my youth, my church was lilly white and filled with arseholes. I didn’t enjoy going to church with white Christians because most white people are intrinsically evil. This is my first hand personal experience of most whites.

    I receive a lot more love and compassion from people of colour.

  5. Marko says

    Damn that’s funny…. I’m sorry, all I see is many black people complaining about service delivery and empty promises.

    Faith in God unites!? Are you mad? Anyway, what happened to being agnostic? Were you not the same person that kept telling me to watch Zeitgeist?

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolant.
    Is he both able, and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God.”


    Your sweeping statements about white people being evil is laughable. Clearly you’ve been brainwashed (from your stupid church and God statements) or maybe you’ve just been hanging around the ANCYL too much…

  6. says

    Black people have a right to complain. White people, like David Bullock, only have one right – to leave this country and never ever come back.

    I’m just observing that a church comes together because of their common faith.

    The argument that if God does not prevent evil, then he is evil is logically flawed. Epicurus erred. God apparently does not.

    I love the ANCYL. Love them to bits. Malema is my icon.

  7. Marko says

    Um Richard, Epicurus’ statement is not logically flawed, think about it again.

    Churches don’t unite over a common faith, you only have to go to a place like Croatia ravaged by recent war to see just how un-united the Catholics and Orthodox are.
    Your unity is false because your deity is false.

    Yes, we know you are Malema’s bitch…

  8. says

    Epicurus decided that God has to be evil if he does nothing to prevent it. But what if evil serves a necessary purpose?

    So that is how I reconcile the fact that God allows evil.

    I observe unity due to a shared faith in my parish. I haven’t observed Croatia first hand, and neither have you AFAIK, so we rely on the observations and judgements of others, and it is in any case irrelevant to what I observe.

    Unity does not require a deity to be true.

    Malema for president!

    Then all you whiteys will run.

  9. Marko says

    It is pointless arguing with a god-head, it is just sad that so many like you have chosen to give up logic and reason in favour of ‘faith’.

    I have just returned from Croatia, my father grew up there under communism, I have close family there and in Serbia, people who were displaced by war. Enough ‘observation’ for you?

    Yes, you will chase whitey away and then hold out the begging bowl.

  10. says

    I read this conversation and I’m really I dn’t know afraid. You guys talk like any of you are any good. You fall exactly in those catogories you so despise. I’m a coloured and I can assure you not all coloreds are good so to are not all whites nor blacks the point is they are all human just like you and me. I am proud of my Khoi San heritage and I will never leave it for anything or anyone. The only time when people leave there religion or DIS there race is when they have gotten heard by it. That is the funny part all of us go through that at some time in our life’s (talking about experience) but then we slowly but surely go back to the foundations we were brought up with. As a gay man I always find it so amazing how bitter some gay people is and I pray to GOD I don’t become like any of you. I thought being gay is about the loving no matter what.


  11. Marko says

    @Ivan, wtf exactly are you on about? Don’t talk about your ‘proud’ Khoi San heritage and then bring some colonial religion bullshit into it.
    What makes you think we are gay (or even bitter)?

  12. Eric says

    Gotta agree about David Bullock. A right wanker he is too.

    Surprised you haven’t covered the case of Mark Cuntley … er, I mean Huntley, the white refugee in Canada.

  13. says

    @Eric: Brandon Huntley’s case ties in directly with the posts I made about the death of Emily Williams and her family’s subsequent decision to leave South Africa.

    I disagreed with their decision to leave and I disagree with Huntley’s accusations that South Africa is an inherently unsafe place for anyone, white or black.

    I expect that the IRB’s decision will be reversed in Canada’s Federal Court and Huntley will have to come back to Cape Town.

    The United States refused to entertain a similar claim, and rightly so.

    Huntley is a racist and anyone who holds his world view on South Africa is a racist too.

    White South African racists who are victims of crime choose to believe that they were victimised because of their white skins. It’s simply not true.

    Crime touches everyone. In 2007, we lost Lucky Dube to carjackers who shot him for his Chrysler. It didn’t matter to them that Dube was black or even that he was a famous musician. They probably weren’t even aware who they were killing that night.

  14. Eric says

    It baffles me as to how being a victim of crime can be interpreted as racial persecution. And I also wonder if Huntley’s claims were true, or just pure bullshit. I gather that the tribunal does not make provision for a cross examination.

    Undoubtedly, crime is a serious problem in South Africa. In my view this is a symptom of social inequality. South Africa is one of the most unequal societies on earth, hence it is not surprising that we suffer from high levels of crime. The same can be said of countries like Brazil. Crime affects everyone, black and white, and is certainly does not constitute racial persecution. If Huntley can be considered a victim of racial persecution, then I think South African farm workers who have experienced abuse at the hands of white land owners have a much stronger case than him. Trouble is, they cannot afford a plane ticket to Canada.

    And we hear that the poor fucker had to live in a basement in Ottawa. How he must have suffered! The plight of Zimbabweans fleeing across the border and marching for days through the bush without food or water is nothing compared to the hardships Huntley had to endure.

    That whites are subject to genocidal persecution in South Africa is a meme beloved of the far right, especially the more unhinged elements. Huntley has unwittingly allied himself with these backward social types.

    I hope that Huntley’s case is taken on review and that they deport his ass back to SA.

  15. Marko says

    This Huntley case is bullshit, we all know it. Fook knows what his motives are but I’m guessing it has something to do with ‘witness Lara Kaplan, who emigrated to Canada last year’.
    I don’t see how this ties in with Emily Williams’ family.
    Which right wing ‘Boere’ have you tangled with? I do seem to recall that you provoked some shit a while back, and then deleted the whole article.

  16. says

    @Marko: the connection with the Williams family is the “crime” reason.

    They lost a kid to a bullet and proclaimed that they are going “back” to England because of it. Back is in quotes because only the husband is from good ole Blimey in the first place.

    However, Britons themselves complain about crime. There is much thuggery and murder in England and to think that they will not still be at risk of crime in England is ridiculous. To say even that they will experience less risk of crime is rejected, because who can tell what is around the next corner?

    I don’t know why it is that white people in South Africa run from this country because of crime. Do white people in the United States leave their country if they get mugged or shot?

    I think it is a white South African disease of the mind to run because of alleged crime. I pity those poor fools. They are deluding themselves. There is no safe place for them to run to. Death will find them wherever they go, because no-one can escape their fate.

    I tangled with the SA sucks far right Boers who blog about how shit SA is because it is run by blacks. You’ll find a lot of white Britons also subscribe to their fascist shit.

    The conclusion that anyone can easily reach is that many white people from all over the world suffer from the disease of racism.

    It is a sickness that must be stamped out by force. The era of pandering to racists is over! We must jail them and re-educate them until we eradicate from whites the racism they refuse to let go of. To be guilty of racism, means losing all your property too. That is the one thing white racists fear the most – losing their wealth.

    No more rights for racists. They have only one right – the right to remain in jail until they are no longer racist.

  17. Marko says

    Going in circles again… yes Richard, we all know there is crime all over the world but most don’t experience the frequency and level of violence we do.
    Having one’s child murdered I think is reason enough to leave.
    Alleged crime? So you, who enjoys living in a security complex in a nice ‘white’ suburb of Cape Town would know?
    I love the way you and others throw this ‘racist’ word around. You do realise that you are also a racist…

  18. says

    @Marko: I experience zero crime.

    Why should having a child murdered serve as an impetus to flee ANY country?

    Do Americans flee America when a family member is murdered? Where do they flee to? What about Britons, Germans, French, Poles, Croats? Where do all these people RUN to when they experience crime?

    Or is it simply a WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN disease to flee the country because of crime?

    I don’t even live in a secure complex anymore. I rent my accommodation and therefore I change address more frequently than someone who owns their own property.

    I am not a racist, Marko. I can criticise white people without being a racist, thank you very much.