Google FriendConnect

Back in May 2008, ChrisM blogged on iMod about Google FriendConnect and there was a bit of a discussion there about whether or not the service will be useful or not.

I signed up for it back then and it has taken Google until last night to finally let me know that, “yeah, okay, you can join our FriendConnect program”. So I’ve added it to the footer of this blog, because that’s the only blog real estate I am prepared to throw at it right now.

I don’t know if it’s going to be a hit or not. I’ve previously had mybloglog and blogcatalog widgets on this blog which to me seem to be pretty much the same thing. Who knows, maybe people will dig Google’s FriendConnect widgets more and this will be the next big social network thing?

I’ve added it to let my readers decide whether or not they find it a useful tool. If it gets used a lot, it’ll stay, otherwise it will probably be removed, like so many other blog things which come and go like tumbleweed.

You can sign into the FriendConnect social network at the bottom of this page using a google, yahoo, aim or openid account.