Robben Island sold to London and Dubai by Transnet

Well almost. They stopped just short of selling Robben Island, which is quite sweet of them, don’t you think?

Such nice guys. Selling off our natural heritage to the highest bidder, but now it turns out that this deal is about as authentic as some shady unscrupulous Parisian trying to sell off the Eiffel Tower to some gullible wealthy American tourist.

Transnet sold the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town in June 2007 to Lexshell (sounds like Lex Luthor of Superman infamy), which is a consortium of an investment arm of the Dubai government, some London geezers and shock! horror! a local BEE group.


Nice try, fellows, but no cigar.

You can take our bay and our prime coastal areas from out of our cold dead hands.

Lulu Bam tells us that Alec “Big Ears” Erwin, knows nothing. They just approved the deal. But they, know noooothing.

To battle Lexshell, in steps environmental affairs and tourism minister Marthinus “kortbroek” van Schalkwyk, our caped crusader, to block the transfer of our seas and coastal areas to Lexshell. Van Schalkwyk’s department (the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism) asserts that Transnet does not own the sea, seashore and sea bed.


The Integrated Coastal Management Bill, drafted by van Schalkwyk declares coastal lines public property and a national heritage. The National Assembly passed it in May this year.

Lawyers for Transnet and Lexshell said, “The potential impact of the bill on this flagship sale would be a matter of considerable national embarrassment and damage the image of the country as a destination for foreign investment.”


May I make a suggestion?

The next time someone tries to sell you Table Mountain, you might wanna check first if they can actually DO THAT.

Just a small hint. Use it, don’t use it.

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