Whose the DADDY of social networking sites?

It’s not Digg, neither reddit, nuh uh del.icio.us, nor muti, amatomu is not-the-mama, afrigator who?

It’s StumbleUpon!

If you want traffic, get onboard StumbleUpon today!

I discovered this yesterday when I installed Alex King’s beautiful WordPress plugin called Share This. It’s a thing of total beauty. Customising it with your favourite social site is child’s play. I added Muti to it in under 5 minutes, including the little muti thumbnail graphic.

Ironically, the first site I shared one of my posts with was StumbleUpon which produced a very healthy flow of traffic. Seeing that, I was encouraged to stumble more of my posts, and I experienced a sudden rush of people from all over the world. A heady experience when that happens. :)

Share This doesn’t spread a whole row of tiny little graphics across your web site (that no-one can decypher), instead it places a simple green distinctive Share This icon to left of the words. Clicking on it, brings up a window which allows your visitors to share your posts with all the social sites you have installed, as well as send your post to friends via email.

Alex King is working to integrate his amazing plugin with ShareThis.com who offer a very useful service. It integrates with facebook, so I was able to share a site with a friend directly onto her facebook wall. I think it would be better, though, if it went to her facebook email.

Okay, so now I have to thank Candy Tothill for introducing me to StumbleUpon. Thank you, Candy! :) She is a published South African author and she is also an avid blogger – insidecandy.blogspot.com.


  1. says

    stumbleupon is great… but you will not get traffic by just spamming the system with every article on your site.
    if you want to set up advertising on stumbleupon, pay for it. don’t do it through a normal user account.
    just a thought.

  2. says

    It’s not spamming, I used to do it with my sites as well, no ones knows you made the content and if no one knows how will they ever know if you dont show them? You must submit your articles to social networking sites. Its not unethical as some say. You cant wait for search engines to eventually scan your site. Social networking is made for that. Its social.

    Just watch out for stumbleupon though, if you submit your site more than 15 times, after that the stumbles wont count anymore for your own site. I learned that the hard way.