Telkom premium combo ADSL wireless router security hole

Cape Town news has discovered a security hole in Telkom’s premium combo DSL router that allows hackers to obtain a DSL account’s username and password.

This information is then used to gain Internet access, using the DSL account, and deprives victims of bandwidth they have paid for.

The premium combo DSL router has a Remote Acess feature which is disabled by default. However, this security measure is easily defeated by connecting to the router via the alternative port number.

To protect yourself from this security hole, please ensure that your router’s firewall is turned on and that your admin password has been changed to something non-trivial.

Ultimately, Telkom, is liable, I believe, for this security hole which has been widely exploited already to deny people use of the bandwidth they are paying exorbitantly for.

People who have had their bandwidth stolen in this manner, may contact me if they are interested in joining a legal suit against Telkom.

Despite my efforts to get Telkom to reinstate my bandwidth, they refuse to respond to my correspondence.


  1. says

    @Jean: Sure, we can. The article describes a security hole. iow, even with options set to deny remote administration, it is still possible via another port. That is a bug and the user cannot be held responsible for that.

  2. says

    Hi all
    This is a big problem, 70% of people leave there routers password admin and user admin.
    Guys do the following type in on your internet browser and you will be able to view your router change your password to letters and numbers this is all I can say of this, I think this is sick that people take other peoples hard earned money.

  3. kamercam says

    Good morning all.Just a little warning to you guys.If you do have a private IT guy always watch what he is doing on your pc.There is a hack/way to find your account details off of the router.The first way A: is by making a backup of your settings,the account and router information can be found in the backup file that you have created.The second way B) is by viewing the source of the page where your account details is set up.

    On wireless security try to stay away from is possible to crack the wep encryption within 10 mins.WPA can also be cracked although bit more difficult but is.Also when you have only allowed certain Mac addresses,that a mac address can be spoofed.which means that the hard coded key on the hardware can be changed via certain software available.

    another thing always default your router to factory settings should you return it to telkom or any other supporting company.There are many routers that have worm holes,not just telkom ones.

    i havent done this yet but a lot of routers have java script running for the log in page.Java injectors are used to attack the router.And with the right injection the page becomes vulnerable.

    take care and play safe.



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