How did I find sa male prostitute’s IP address?

When I blogged about sa male prostitute last week, I trackbacked to his blog.

That displayed a clickable link in his WordPress dashboard. He clicked the link, and got pwned (owned).

When he clicked the link, he went to my server, which logged his access. Since I self host my WordPress blog, I have access to the log files. Upon inspection of them, I discovered his IP address.

The log files show that the person who was logged into his blog, clicked the trackback link to my web site.

Only the person who was logged into that blog could have generated the log file entries that I found.

He is not in Australia as reported by the Sunday Times and Die Burger. He’s here in Mandalay, Mitchells Plain, Western Cape.

So as you see, there are ways to unmask anonymous bloggers. No need for extra legislation – one just needs to employ a technically proficient person to track them down, preferably before they are alerted to the fact that you know about them via public announcements.


  1. Richard Catto says

    I wonder if Patricia de Lille will seek to obtain a court order compelling Internet Solutions to divulge the user’s identity?

    I sent her an email telling her about my discovery.

  2. says

    Brilliant! It just goes to show how you should stick to expert knowledge in cases where you actually need to know what you are talking about. Try map the address in Google Maps :)

  3. Richard Catto says

    Who gives a darn if Google knows where Mandalay is or not?

    It does exist. Why don’t you just make your point without the sarcasm?

  4. Peter says

    Well, on specific blog the following post was made…

    Vrae & Antwoorde
    May 25th, 2007 by XXX
    Alle vrae vir my aandag sal voortaan in hierdie afdeling versterk word.

    Ons hoor jy is in Suid Afrika?

    Inderdaad, dit is korrek. Ek is ‘n Suid Afrikaner, tans werksaam en woonagtig in Australia. Daar woonagtig sedert Desember 2006. Ek is tans in Suid Afrika vir ‘n 7-dag besoek.

    So he says he’s in SA

  5. Richard Catto says

    Well, of course he is (in South Africa)!

    I see he has approved a whole bunch of comments now. The guy comes across as slippery as an eel, though.

    I don’t trust him to tell the whole truth.

  6. Belinda says

    Now he took his blog down stating he was contacted by legal advisors and he came to an agreement.

    The interesting part is he appopgised to Crime Expo SA and the members of the GLA. Why did he appologise to those two, he never said anything about Crime Expo SA and just that Juan Uys was a client. The only reason can be is because he himself is Juan Uys

  7. Richard Catto says

    It’s all bullshit. I don’t believe anything about this story is straight up.

    The only media outlet still reporting on this is news24.

  8. Richard Catto says

    It’s all originating from news24.

    Someone at Internet Solutions knows the account info of this person.

  9. Belinda says

    IOL and the Sunday Times were in contact with him.

    I know, I have the account info as well, passed it on to those who need to know it

  10. Richard Catto says

    I mean his ISP account information, which would include his RSA ID.

  11. Belinda says

    Yes, his ID, but he didnt log into an Account owned by Juan Uys. The search even got Juan Uys’s ID it start with 671… …. … (Meaning he turns 40 this year)

    The facts are there it was Juan Duval Uys. If you look at photos on SABC and on the you will start wondering about his claim that he was a prossie. I myself dont know any prossies that I know about, but my guess is they would be very goodlooking, he said that he got a cheque for R1000 for 2 hours of “work” more than 5 years ago

  12. Paul says

    I have been following this whole saga out of amusement. From a techinal perspective the guy might not necesserily be in Mandalay as such, I mean sometimes I get told I am in some place thats off target by a longshot when I visit websites. Perhaps this kind of investigation should be left to the real experts.

  13. Richard Catto says

    Paul, you connect via a Telkom DSL line, same as myself. They force all DSL conns through one of their proxy servers. Sometimes you may connect via a proxy located far from where you actually are.

    That is why GeoIP doesn’t give accurate results for you at times. The incorrect IP address is being checked. Your real IP would give a more accurate answer.