SCAM WARNING: Kevin Trudeau’s “Mega Memory System” sold by Glomail is bogus

Glomail has been advertising (via TV infomercials) a bogus memory enhancement program called Mega Memory.

They have withdrawn the infomercial following a complaint to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), but they are still selling this bogus product in their stores.

Way back in 1998 already, Kevin Trudeau paid $500 000 to the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for making false claims about various products, including Mega Memory.

In 2004, Trudeau paid another fine, this time of $2 million to the FTC for making false claims about a cancer cure.

Prior to this, in the early 90s, Trudeau was jailed for almost 2 years for fraud.

Despite all this, Glomail chose to broadcast his infomercial in South Africa, and in fact still sells his Mega Memory product in their stores for R699.

Advertising watchdog cracks down on ‘memory booster’ : Mail & Guardian Online


  1. Richard Catto says

    After reading the M&G article about Glomail, I feel that they have willfully and knowingly mislead the South African public by advertising a product they knew to be bogus.

    They should be forced to withdraw this product and refund every single person who bought it. At the very least!

  2. Patrick Linzer says


    I’ve just discovered this blog – nice one, BTW – after Googling a combination of “Mega Memory”, “Kevin Trudeau” and “Advertising Standards Authority” with the aim of finding out what, if anything, has happened since the ASA ruling.

    You see, I am the person who lodged the original complaint about this fraudulent product.

    I also found this:

    (In case something goes wrong with the above link, it’s a short article about Glomail keeping mum on whether they indend re-advertising the product or not. It’s a fairly safe bet that their silence can be taken to mean that a new advertising campaign will be launched just as soon as they can drum up a new set of lies about Mega Memory.)

    The M&G article (“Advertising watchdog cracks down on ‘memory booster’”) describing the banning commits a host of omission errors. There was considerably more to my complaint than just “the product does not work” and the FTC’s prior rulings, and the banning process took about six months to complete.

    The article also reports that, according to the ASA, the outcome “appears to address my concerns.” This is not entirely accurate, but since we don’t have a proper consumer protection facility in South Africa, it’s a good start.

  3. Richard Catto says

    Thanks for your comment, Patrick. :)

    The South African public needs protection from Glomail. They had to have been aware that the product they were promoting was bogus, and yet they promoted it anyway.

    They should be barred from continuing to sell it, and furthermore, they should be ordered to refund everyone who bought it upon request. Plus they should pay fines and penalties for their bad business practice in promoting a product they knew to be discredited.

  4. Patrick Linzer says

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I agree that Glomail has gotten off lightly, almost criminally so, which I think is, as mentioned before, attributable to the lack of effective consumer protection in SA, but “Mega Memory” has been removed from their website.

    Tony Austin, Glomail’s operations director, has proven himself to be not above self-serving deceit. He is mentioned in the M&G article I linked to in my previous post. After several attempts on my part to elicit a response of any kind from Glomail concerning Mega Memory, and receiving only silence, I wrote an e-mail to the Sunday Times Letters. Suddenly, two days later Mr Austin replied to the effect that there was no point in discussing anything with me because the matter was being handled by the ASA. I think it is reasonable to suppose that the Sunday Times approached Glomail for comment, and that this spurred him on to reply. However, he conveniently neglected to mention the e-mail queries he had definitely received from me – I received no delivery failure notifications – in the months prior and which he failed to respond to until the affair threatened to become public knowledge.

    Regarding consumer protection, it is still not clear when the SA Consumer Protection Bill will be passed, but it is supposed to happen sometime this year. When it does happen, there will be a period of turmoil while the Bill’s provisions are tested in the Courts, whereafter we’ll be better equipped to deal with avaricious charlatans like Trudeau and Glomail.

    On a related note, Glomail also sells Trudeau’s big book of nasty health and nutrition lies called Natural Cures. The FTC barred Trudeau from making “disease or health benefits claims for any type of product, service, or program in any advertising, including print, radio, Internet, television, and direct mail solicitations, regardless of the format and duration.” One might wonder why this book can be published and sold at all, considering that it originates in the USA. The reason is that the First Amendment to the US Constitution specifically excludes books from the category of “product” – something about books being primarily vehicles of free expression, rather than saleable goods.

    On a more distantly related note, a year or two ago, the FTC ordered the marketers to refund all buyers who asked for it within a stipulated window period the full purchase price of the AB Energizer slimming and fitness gizmo. The reason was for false advertising claims. This product is marketed with impunity in SA by Verimark. I mention this because, unless these marketers exercise greater vigilance over what and how they sell, I think it is inevitable that something similar will occur here in SA in the not too distant future. If it does, no doubt the affected lot will squeal like the proverbial stuck pig.

    The problem with caveat emptor is, of course, that there are far too many people out there who are happy to deceive their fellows just to make a few bucks.

  5. Richard Catto says

    Patrick, I’m glad you did something to benefit the South African public.

    People owe you a debt of gratitude. :)

    New slogan for Verimark:

    “As seen on TV – the biggest load of crap ever!”

  6. Johan says

    Hmmmm, this thread kinda looks one sided.
    If you buy something from glomail (or similar) in the first place, it says something about your IQ..
    It’s like trying to buy hiking gear at PEP… it just won’t work.

    Anyway, I’m actually looking for “Mega Memory” again. My dad made me do it in High school, and i never really used it, until i started studying programming. I still remember how the 1 – 20 list works, and i use that to memorise all of my programming studies…and guess what, it works. Got 98% for my last exams.
    It’s not magic…you have to practice it.
    It’s like claiming that a diet doesn’t work when you sit all day on the couch…
    And for people with creative visual minds like mine…its perfect.
    The only reason I’m looking for it again, is to actually finish it this time, so that i can use the “Mega Memory” way faster and even more effectively.
    F.Y.I. If you know where to look, you can find it for R150.

  7. jess says


  8. JESS says


  9. Kevin says

    LOL I wonder how many people that say this is a scam and doesn’t work actually tried it.
    I have been using many of these techniques for years with great success. Especially the 1-20 list and linking.
    Granted if you read this book through once you will not have a mega memory, and maybe not all of the claims on the infomercial are as acurate as he cliamed, idk as I never saw it, but the plain and simple, if you practice the techniques and use them without expecting a super memory just from reading a book, the techniques presented really do work.

  10. Mpho says

    I thought the effectiveness of the Mega Memory was a lie from the first time I saw it on TV. It was too good to be true! Did glomail refund people who bought it?

  11. says

    @Mpho: What do you think? I seriously doubt glomail refunded anyone because they’re still selling the product, afaik.

    I bought a tent from them back in the early 90s and it collapsed into a heap of tangled metal in high wind conditions. This happened while I was out on a camping trip. I had to buy a new igloo style tent for R900 from Cape Union mart, which was a fantastic tent. Really great quality. When I got back I asked glomail for a refund because their product was defective. They declined and I have never purchased from them again, and I would encourage people not to deal with them because they are scammers.

  12. Lee Murray says

    Is there nothing that the public can do about organisations that sell products that don’t work? I also bought one of these Mega Memories and I want my money back!

  13. Gareth says

    I agree with Kevin, there are many different techniques to improve different areas of your life but most people want the quick fix… run through it once and expect a miracle to happen… BS!!!!

    It was probably very misleading to claim a memory can improve from 15% to 90% within 5 days but I have a mentor with a PhD and he said that the mega memory helped him achieve Cum Laude… he said he could relate to the system and it most definitely helped him…. so yes.. if you not willing to put the effort in then just accept that you always gonna have that mediocre life and gonna complain about everything that does not give you your quick fix!!!

    asta la pasta

  14. Gordon Govindsamy says

    thank you for all the bogus warnings, this was really helpful.
    plse let me know which site to use to purchase the original mega memory

    tel/Fax – 031 5026825
    0844 502682

  15. Outback Jack says

    I bought it 14 years ago. It worked with practice and patience. You don’t get anything for nothing and if that was what people expected then perhaps that is why they are disillusioned. I found this forum when I googled M.M. because I wanted to buy it again. Not that I cant remember where I left it ;), it was lost when I moved house in early 2000.

    KT is a criminal, that seems to be a fact, perhaps he streched the truth when he made his advertising claims but then again, I just brought a new computer, and let me tell ya, I EXPECTED A WHOLE LOT MORE FROM VISTA. bring back XP.

    Anonymus; If you still have it put it on EBay and I will buy it from you.

  16. says

    @Outback Jack: I believe that Mega Memory is still sold in South Africa by a company called Glomail. If you really still want to purchase it after hearing that it has been discredited, then I guess that’s the beauty of consumer choice. You can contact Glomail via their web site and ask if they have stock and are prepared to ship to Australia.

    I hear you about Vista. Fortunately, I have not moved off XP and don’t intend to until there’s a stable upgrade available.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  17. Outback Jack says

    Thanks Richard, but i tracked it down here in Oz.

    Wise move with XP. All the best


  18. anton says

    when bad people use good things in a bad way every idiot jumps on the bandwagon thrasing the product or procedure. Yes false claims are made about potatoes but i stil eat them.

    if yoiu have a mind of your own use it dont just believe anything ;too easy is propably too good to be true.

    Never the less using some of the mega memory teqniques after struggeling for years at varcity im now passing everything 3 years straight.

    dont thrash the consept because one scamster used it as a vehicle to ill gotten gains!

  19. bob the builder says

    I bought this product a few years back and like most never finished it due to time constraints. But I feel the guy may be a fraudster, who cares, but the techniques he is “teaching” in the mega memory product are the same techniques that my dad used at college in the 70′s and that some of my teachers in primary school use with us.
    The product seems to work for some but not others, thats how things work people! your study routines might work for you but not for me, kinda the same concept here.

  20. Israel Ribas-Brazil says

    Hi to all,

    First: I did the Kevin system and it´s realy work´s (sorry about my english).
    In 1999 the system comes to Brazil (Brasil in portuguese). I was shocked with that person’s performance (Kevin in your commercial). Then I bought that course for the promise. I put in a drawer and me forgot of this. In 2002 I realy want know about it and was the curse (but with no faith yet).
    The curse is: 15 lessons and 21 days to program the brain. The first lessons are to know the techniques “to shake” the brain and de 21 days is to put you mind in the “automatic pilot”.
    To resume 1: becouse my little faith I don´t reached the MEGA MEMORY… BUT I reached something that, if I put my brain in some machine that scan the activity of my audition parts, in the brain, you would see that have unfamiliar activity. To FTC: In FACT, its REALY WORKS.
    What does happen now with me? I can realy listen my self inside my brain like as if I heard my own voice speaking to me and this is something physiologic that change in my brain.
    I Belive that the MEGA MEMORY is one level up.
    But I agree: some people have much mental laziness to learn new things and make changes in the thinks mode. Think That!?
    In this right moment I am preparing myself to do again (but with MUCH FAITH) the curse and with MUCH atention to details.
    I believe to everybody have the Super Memory to unlock. In 2002 somethings happens… In 2009 everything will be change in my brain!!
    To All: Keep the FAITH!

  21. T says

    It’s worked for me.. takes practice and dedication. I never saw any ads for it, but I just wanted to be less dependent on my PDA and calendar. It works great for lists like for shopping.

    Don’t spend $$$ on it, just get it FREE from the library!!! That’s what I did! I did spend a few weeks on it. It’s not going to make you smarter.. that’s misleading but it can help your memory!