Patricia de Lille, Simon Grindrod and the SA male prostitute

As you may already know, Patricia de Lille, leader of the Independent Democrats, is up in arms about some online alleged slander about Simon Grindrod, ID Caucus Leader.

Such is her wrath, that she has demanded that the South African government clamp down on "abusive" blogs.

On the ID’s web site they say that she cannot reveal the blog where this was written because they will then be spreading slander and be liable for various legal sanctions.

This is known as The Chilling Effect.

The South African Blogosphere is up in arms about de Lille’s attack on bloggers but no-one has dared to publish the url to this alleged slanderous web site. So, at the time of writing to date, no-one has analysed what was actually written and discussed it openly in their blogs.

This is not the South Africa that I subscribe to. I demand the freedom to blog freely and without fear.


Here are some relevant links to follow if you wish to understand this story more (UPDATED):

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  1. Richard Catto says

    I wonder if “they” will sue me now?

    People who sow fear about what bloggers can say online can die in flames!!!

  2. says

    Kudos to you Richard. I too will gladly post a link to the site. Shame on M&G though for toeing the line so eagerly!

    Politicians in this country rant and rave about freedom of speech, but here they are undermining this very principle. Infuriating!

    I’ve been in a similar position (although nothing of the homosexual kind – I posted an article about how much Annie Malan, the SA actress, irritated me) and I was also threatened with legal action. I told them in no uncertain terms to “go ahead and best of luck”. Of course they didn’t get anywhere.

    We bloggers have somewhat of a responsibility to stand up for free speech. Thankfully the US has a better understanding of free speech which is why, as a matter of principle, I opt for .NET domain names and host my site in the US.

  3. Belinda says

    Mr Cato

    The Newspapers know a bit more than you do my friend, and thats why they dont publidh it. They were fooled by the same blogger a couple of times in the past. They paid their schoolfees which you most probably didnt pay.

    This person behind the blog is a person who will do anything to get publicity. He try anything to get a few fools to write about him. The Media knows who he is.

    Before I tell you this person’s name look at his track record.

    He was the ‘leader’ of the Gay and Lesbian Allience. He said he had huge support in the gay community. He even made up the staff of the organisation, names like David Baxter, who noone spoke to expect on the phone and via email. His (NOTE: GAY) organisation said they were against sodomy and gay marriages. They publicly ‘outed’ school boys at their matric farewells. They said there were 200 HIV possitive members who donated blood and who lied about their HIV status. He said he will register a gay party and contest the 1999 elections. Then he said he will change his parties name to the “Death Penalty Party of South Africa” Then there is reports that he was the leader of a organisation (dont laugh) called PAPAS :People Against Prostitution and Sodomy (I told you not to laugh) When the media got tired of him he started a website called Crime Expo SA. He called himself Neil Watson and Shaun Thompson. He even was intervied (phone only) by CNN, BBC and all the big names in SA Media. He called on a national boikot against Raymond Ackerman who he said supports crime in SA. Later he was exposed as “Juan Uys” Do yourself a favour and google that name

    Simon Grindrod who laid a charge against him in the past is one of the people he accuse of being a client of his. It sound like he want to pay back some people while getting media attention again.

    The Media showed they will not be made a fool again and didnt give him all the publicity he wanted, but it seem like he made a fool of you.

  4. Richard Catto says

    The Media is all over this. They’re giving him plenty of publicity.

    You even mention the article the Sunday Times published.

    You seem desperate to disparage me.

    Clearly you have an ulterior motive for your comments on this blog and you are pursuing a hidden agenda.

    Want to come clean and share it with us?

  5. Belinda says

    The Sunday Times did write about him, now some newspapers will to do some reports on him. They tried not to react to him but they must report news. Now that its all over the internet they dont have any other choice.

    I have no ulterior motive than to see the scum who keep trying to ruin peoples lives go to jail. He did something to me some time back that nearly costed my job. I had to go and proof my innocence.

    Mr Catto the other thing is you are well known by Journalists, as some know you very well from Media24 etc. All of them said that if there is someone who will run to make a fool of himself by again posting the lies of a person like Juan Uys it will be you.


  6. Richard Catto says

    I don’t know any journalists at media24. If they think they know me, they’d better think again.

    Your statements about the newspapers trying not to react to “him” are rejected categorically.

    They live for stories.

    Your personal problems with some individual have clouded your vision. You’re seeing this person in every shadow now.

  7. Belinda says

    Mr Catto, you did work for them in the past not right?

    If you took the time to look at this person’s history. He does this only for the media attention. Rapport said when I asked why they didnt carry the article “We dont want to give him what he want, that is publicity” These newspapers were caught by him and made to look as fools because they have written about him, interviewed him but never met him. There was around 200 newspaper reports on interviews did with David Baxter, Neil Watson and others that do not even exist.

    Yes newspapers lives for stories, but not ones that will make fools of them where it will say they dont follow journalistic principals.

    You can call Rapport’s news editor, as well as every news editor in the country and ask them how they feel about Juan Uys. You canot reject anything if you dont know it for a fact

  8. says

    I’ve linked to the “defamatory” blog from my blog. Why the self-censorship? Linking to it but distancing oneself from the views in it does not constitute an endorsement.

  9. Richard Catto says

    Another reason (for not linking to SAMP) is that the media web sites are parsimonious with links to third party web sites.

    The media web sites typically receive high volumes of traffic. A link to an external site disperses that traffic away from them. They don’t want to do that. They want to keep their visitors on their site.

    Why? Because they run adverts.

    Look at They have adverts.

    Look at,,, All plastered with adverts. Heck they even have Google adsense adverts!!

    Do you know which big news site doesn’t have any advertising whatsoever?

    BBC News.

    You won’t find a single advert on their web site. And they are also the only news web site that carries links to external third party web sites, next to many of their stories.

    How come (no advertising)? Because the BBC News web site is fully funded by the British government. is also one of my favourite news sites. :)

  10. Izak says

    Catto, jy lyk bleek broer. Min tyd oor ek dink. Hou die horlosie dop ou vrind, elke hartklop is een minder …. vir my en vir jou. Tyd om te bedaar voor jy dood dink jy nie? Soos jy nou aangaan sal niemand jou mis nie.
    Maak jou saak met die Here reg ou maat, vandag nog! Môre is dalk te laat …..

  11. says

    Izak, do you know what Die Stem is?

    Good decoration for shit paper!

    Do you know what an Eng-Afr dictionary is?

    A racist paperweight.

    If Boers could learn to grow a shaggy coat and wag their tails, they might have a future in South Africa as house pets.


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